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Speakers Confirmed © FG SBP
Speakers Confirmed

We are very happy to announce that our Key-Lectures will be held by Prof. Dr. Olena Oliynyk (Vice President of the National Board of Architects of Ukraine) and Prof. Dr. Philipp Meuser (Architect, Editor, University professor) together with Dr. Nataliia Mysak (ETH Zürich).

Common ReConstructing © FG SBP
Common ReConstructing


Olena Oliynyk is an architect and urbanist, Doctor of Architecture and Professor of Architectural Department at The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is also the Vice-President of National Union of Architects of Ukraine; corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of architecture; member of ICOMOS (UNESCO); member of UNESCO-UIA Architectural Education Commission & UNESCO-UIA Validation Council., UIA Working Group Heritage and Cultural Identity Member, regional coordinator of the EU granted Projects “Regional Cooperation for the Cultural Heritage Development” (2012-2014) and “Architects for Heritage in Ukraine: Recreating Identity and Memory” (2023-2026).

Her work involves design and research on both the architectural and urban planning scales, currently focusing on urban spaces, heritage preservation and historic cities development. Olena Oliynyk is an author of more than 20 urban development projects for the regeneration of historic city centres in Ukraine, the United States and Cabo Verde; many residential and public buildings.

Philipp Meuser is an architect, editor and university professor. Born in Hilden in 1969. Studied architecture in Berlin and Zurich with a focus on history and theory. Doctorate at the TU Berlin on the typology of Soviet mass housing. 2017 Federal Cross of Merit for the building cultural exchange with Eastern Europe. Since 2018 honorary professorship at the O.M. Beketov University in Kharkiv/Ukraine. 2022 Visiting Professor for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage at Brown University in Providence/Rhode Island.

As editor and author, she published three textbooks, seven monographs and more than 200 articles in different research editions. Her thesis for doctor of architecture’s degree was dedicated to the formation and development of urban public spaces.

Nataliia Mysak is an architect and researcher, PhD in Architecture, currently focuses on alternative approaches to architectural production that could foster emerging new urban commons in the context of crisis. At present she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies of Architecture, ETH Zürich and develops The Spatial Practices Lab, Lviv.

The Conference is now open for registration. Register now, following the link below.

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About the Symposium

The symposium offers an exchange platform on the topic of networks, neighbourhoods and negotiations for reconstruction. A central role in reconstruction is played by people, initiatives and organisations, some of which are involved in reconstruction on a daily basis. We want to talk about the framework and fields of action of participation and engagement, talk about sustainable and resource-saving approaches, build networks and enable synergies.

Key Lectures:

Prof. Dr. Olena Oliynyk, Vice President, National Board of Architects of Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Philipp Meuser, Architekt, Verleger, Hochschullehrer und Dr. Nataliia Mysak, ETH Zürich


Maria Gryshchenko, Detlef Kurth und Anna Kuzyshyn, RPTU Kaiserslautern, Vitalii Kryzhanovskyi, TU Dortmund, Philpp Meuser, architect, publisher and university professor, Nataliia Mysak, ETH Zürich,  Olena Oliynyk, National Union, Renée Tribble, TU Dortmund, Hendrik Weiner, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Vedrana Zalac, Denkstatt sarl, uvm.

The event is part of the programme of the Hamburg Summer of Architecture and is coordinated together with the exhibition >> Past Forward Bauen mit Betstand of the BDA Hamburg:

For more information about the symposium, please visit our website for the event:

Symposium "Common ReConstructing"​​​​​​​

If you have any questions or remarks concerning the conference feel free to write us at sbp.rptu-dortmundde

We are looking forward to meeting you at Gleishalle im Oberhafen, Hamburg on 23rd June 2023.